Linda's background:


Having a worked in: Accounting, IT, Training and Recruitment she discovered dowsing in 2003, whilst living in Africa.

She found she could dowse for pipes and blockages, buried cables and water veins. She could also dowse the direction of flow of the water.

She joined the British Society of Dowsers, in 2006,  after I returned to England and has been a member ever since - continually learning new dowsing skills!

Linda worked with her mentor -  Master Dowser Peter Golding in 2010 and started visiting her own clients in 2014 - and has  worked all over the UK.

She was fortunate to have received encouragement and confirmation of her dowsing ability, from the late George Applegate, another Master Dowser.

She was elected to the role of Chair of the Water and Services Branch of the BSD in 2015.

Admitted to the Professional Register of the British Society of Dowsers and the Professional Dowsers Register

She now runs Events and  Training Courses:

  • Beginners Dowsing, Water Divining (2 levels)

  • Dowsing Life's Decisions

  • Energising Water