Other Dowsing Services 

What else can a Dowser do?


Clients ask for Dowsers for more than Water Divining Services! Linda is able to assist with finding underground water/streams for Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra design. She has also identified the optimal places to site an enormous Shiva Lingam and a Totem Pole - to improve the energy to a client's premises!!!

Clients also ask for advice re locations suitable for Geothermal boreholes: heat and water!

Give Dowsing Demonstrations e.g. at Hellens Garden Festival - Much Marcle - Herefordshire

We were invited to attend the wonderful garden festival at Hellens House for the 2nd year! We talked to lots of gardeners who were interested to find out how to dowse and what they could dowse for - particularly in their gardens!

Give Talks to Local Dowsing Groups and provide Dowsing Training Courses

Linda is often invited to talk to Dowsing and other groups! She has given talks to: Slimbridge Dowsers, South Herefordshire Dowsers, Devon Dowsers, Somerset Dowsers, Thames Valley Dowsers, Malvern Dowsers, Welland WI (nr Malvern).

You can use the contact form if you are interested in her giving a talk to your group!